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Hurricane Earl Reportposted: 08/30/2010

Earl passing USVI and BVI now.  All well at FWSS but some exciting moments.  

Here is some video taken by Dan Firmin at Nanny Cay Marina:  His comments follow the link to the video footage 

Hurricane Earl Video 


How windy is it?


-had to put oak's engines on to tighten lines. Boat's pointing into the wind. Had both engines in gear @2600 rpm just to slack the lines holding from windward.



The nice globe lights that are on the sidewalk/bulkhead, well the glass globes are blowing off.


Was sitting on the webbing on oak adjusting a line that goes from the bow to the other dock directly across. I got thrown up in the air from wind preasure.


There's a big cat here named tribe. Wind is getting under it and the first 5-10 feet of pontoon is out of the water.


Standing next to Peglegs watching the water go over the bulkhead. 

Kevin says " never seen anything like it".


Water is about 4 inches from going over the sidewalk/bulkhead.


Main part of the floating docks are going up and down about a foot and a half. Finger piers, don't want to be on them.


Knot So Fast HD Video Series Releasedposted: 06/17/2010

Fair Wind Sailing School releases high definition videos to teach sailing knot tying.


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