Hurricane Earl Update

Here is the latest report from Dan:

Water Is and elephant  bay didn't do so well. Honeymoon has 2 boats on the beach & 1 in the rocks. Elephant bay lost 12.  Both exposed to the west and got slammed. 

Tried to get back to  St Thomas. Just got back from Road Town. No ferries today. The roof blew off the ferry terminal. Building was closed. Walked to the immigration office. Closed. Soi'm back here at Nanny. Can't get a boat out. 4 or 5 lines going from b dock to C dock blocking me in. I've got my own lines on the cats going from the bows to b dock. Glad I put the lines on.

Now someone just told me the next storm is here tomorrow at noon...

Heavy seas out the west this morning. Water wAs still coming over the bulkhead and the docks still going up and down.

There are trees and stuff down all over. Sounds like a lot of the island doesn't have power. The marina is running generators. There's no water. I stocked before.

Someone just showed me pics of west end and the far end of Road Town. Lot of. Big boats sunk or got washed up. West end would have been last choice as a hurricane hole. Wind funnels through there. Coral bay would have been my first choice. Only exposer is S.


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