USVI Start




1.  More Flights -- From both the US and Canada, there are many more flight options into St Thomas than Beef Island.  This gives you more flexibility in your travel plans.

2.  Save Money -- There are not only more flight options into the USVI, but they are usually less expensive -- typically $100-250 per person -- than flying directly into the BVI. Already flying into St Thomas for a BVI charter?  You will save money on the ferry ($50 person) and BVI taxis ($30 per person round trip).  Oh, and the mooring balls on St John are 50% of the price of BVI moorings, another $15/night savings.  Either way, starting in the USVI saves $100 or more per person.

3.  Maximize Your Sailing Time -- Rather than flying into St Thomas for your BVI based charter, start in St Thomas.  In the time it takes to taxi to the ferry dock, you can be on your yacht and already enjoying your trip (we are 2 docks over from the ferry dock in Red Hook).  No need for the bumpy ferry to Tortola, the long customs line or the additional cab to your charter base, just one taxi to our convenient base and away you go.

4.  North Side of St John -- Most BVI charter companies discourage you from clearing into the US Virgin Islands.  This means the missing out on the pristine island of St John.  For us, they are a first day stop from our base in Red Hook at the East End of St Thomas.    The beaches at Trunk Bay, snorkeling from Leinster Bay and hiking from Caneel Bay are some of the best excursions in the Caribbean.  If you haven't been there, you are missing some of the Virgin Islands' gems!   The moorings on St John are less crowded than the BVI anchorages too!

5. Faster through customs -- No more long lines a the BVI airport or ferry terminal.  Clearing in from a private vessel follows a separate line that is much shorter.  The process is easy and costs no more than starting your trip in the BVI


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