Advanced Sailing FAQs

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What is included in the price?
Our pricing is designed to be as inclusive as possible.  Live aboard lessons, like our Instant Bareboater® and Advanced Classes included in the price is: the boat, accomadations aboard the boat during class, the instructor, all running costs of the boat, books, tests, study guides, taxes, on-board meals (6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 4 dinners) and snacks, nonalcoholic beverages and access to our Knot So Fast instructional video series.  Not included is: your travel to and from the boat, alcoholic beverages, off-boat meals, instructor's gratuity.  Other classes, like our beginning and Instant Cruiser®, are not live-aboard and do not include lodging or meals.

How many students are in the class?
In the Advanced class, we typically sail in shifts.  This facilitates the need for additional hands, so we normally have 2-5 students are in the class.   
What time do classes start?
Classes begin at 4 PM.  

What time do classes end?
Week-long classes usually end mid-afternoon, about 2 PM.  However this can vary a bit based on weather, class size and a few other factors.
Do I need experience for the Advanced class? 
You do need prior prior certification at the Bareboat Chartering level for this class. We would accept ICSO, ASA and US Sailing certifications, however prior certification at the Bareboat Chartering level is pre-requisite for this class. 
Will I have my own bed during the class?
A sailing "Bed" is called a berth and yes you will have your own berth. All of our instructional yachts have single and double berths. Single berths hold one person and double berths two. Couples may share a double berth.
Will I have my own bathroom during class?
Bathrooms aboard are called “heads”. Our boat in the Virgin Islands and Chesapeake has 2 heads (4 for the cat) while our boats in the Great Lakes and Bahamas have 1 or 2 heads. Typically heads are shared on board.
What will be on board?
  • Hand towels
  • Bath towels
  • Wash clothes
  • Hand soap
  • Sanitizing lotion
  • Pillows
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Some limited snorkeling gear
  • All USCG safety equipment, including life preservers and other required sailing gear
What should I bring?
  • Sun protection – The Caribbean and Florida sun is strong year round making sun protection a must. Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are highly recommended
  • Sailing gloves (can be purchased in Red Hook if necessary)
  • Boat friendly shoes (white or light soles, no heels, comfortable)
  • Passport (Caribbean only) -- required for clearance in and out of the BVI
  • Sailing books that we sent you
  • Snorkeling gear (optional, you can use ours if you like) Clothing – Expect daytime temperature in the 80’s and lows around 70. We usually sail in shorts and tee-shirts. Most people bring far too much clothing, we recommend the following clothing:
  • Shorts and tee shirts
  • A pair of jeans
  • Light long sleeve shirt (for sun protection)
  • Bathing suits (we will have time to swim & snorkel each day)
  • Beach towel (optional, for after swimming)
  • Light weight sweatshirt or sweater (can be chilly at night)
  • Light weight rain jacket (just in case)
  • Personal care items (shampoo, prescription medication, etc.)
  • All your questions – we are ready to answer all questions.
  • Personal PFD, harness and tether
Please pack in a duffle, backpack or other collapsible bag (see below)
What should I leave home?
There is limited to no room for large, bulky luggage, so please do NOT bring:
  • Large suitcases
  • Hard shelled suitcases
  • Your worries
  • Dark or hard soled shoes
  • Too many clothes
Are gratuities expected by Captains?
Of course gratuities are at your discretion, however, it is customary to tip your Captain 10% of your fee for a job well done. In cases of outstanding efforts, it is not unusual to see tips as high as 15-20%.
What should I do to get ready for the classes before I arrive?
Assure your passport is up to date. Study! Highly recommended to read the text and complete the practice navigation problems.  

Get ready to have fun!!!


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